iZinga in isiXhosa means: To rate or determine the level of something, and in isiZulu it means: Quality or to grade; a degree of something. This perfectly encompasses who we are and what we do as iZinga Assist

Our Mission: Who We Are

We are a rating, evaluation, assistance and mentoring platform. We help NPOs and other civil society organisations to thrive by providing valuable guidance and empowering Donors to make informed decisions.

Our mission is to help NPOs in sub-Saharan Africa to grow, by improving their organisational planning and compliance. We ensure NPOs’ credibility through a rating and grading system, so Donors know exactly where their money is going. This brings a new sense of accountability and transparency to the philanthropy process.

Ensures a consistent measure of credibility and transparency for NPOs

Offers evaluation throughout the funding cycle

Assists with reporting back to Donors to encourage repeat funding

Tracks money from Donors through every stage of the payment cycle

The iZinga Assist online application is an innovative platform designed to bridge the gap between NPOs and Donors.

This online ecosystem evaluates and rates NPOs so that Donors can choose their recipients with confidence and to ascertain the impact of the donation. The platform also provides educational and administrative tools, templates and training videos for NPOs through a knowledge and information hub.

Our People: Meet Our Team

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