Anybody looking to share their wealth in a meaningful way can become a Donor with iZinga Assist.

We work with a diverse network of non-profit organisations across Southern Africa. If you want to support a cause that’s close to your heart, or find a new way to make a difference in the lives of others, iZinga Assist will provide you with a wide variety of trustworthy NPOs to choose from.

We foster an environment of trust and transparency, so you can donate funds with confidence

We know Donors come in many forms and don’t fit into one “box”. A Donor may be an individual, a family business, a large corporation or even a government. Donations can range from R10 a month to millions of Rands.

The iZinga Assist team has experience of working with all Donors.

We work to build Donor confidence by offering excellent transparency, helping Donors to support and engage with their existing beneficiaries, and to expose them to new NPOs.

We constantly learn from our Donors and aim to understand their requirements in order to ensure a steady and growing base of funding for the NPOs we have assessed.

What Do We Offer our Donors?

As a registered Donor on the iZinga Assist platform, you can expect:

  • Trust, accountability and transparency
  • Help with identifying new NPOs to support
  • Tracking of donated funds
  • Regular feedback from NPOs
  • Access to the iZinga Assist online ecosystem

We would love to hear from you