If you are from a non-profit organisation, a voluntary organisation or a charitable trust, you can register with us.

Registration with iZinga Assist is free to NPOs, and those qualifying for membership will have access to compliance checks and basic advice regarding:

  • Legal/Government compliance and due diligence
  • Fundraising
  • Transparency and accountability of received funds
  • Impact assessment
  • Marketing and publicity
  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Evaluation
  • Reporting
  • Access to our approved professional service providers at discounted rates

What Can Our NPO Members Expect?

NPOs registered with iZinga Assist will receive free invaluable support

By being part of a prestigious rating agency, your organisation will be able to attract more interested Donors who prioritise transparency and accountability.

iZinga Assist provides full digitisation of the funding cycle, tracking the entire process from funds received to reporting to the Donor.

Registered NPOs can expect:

  • To be part of the iZinga Assist online ecosystem and rich data environment
  • Access to educational and administrative tools
  • Access to online templates
  • Access to training videos
  • Access to the iZinga Assist Information hub, registry and databases
  • Access to our online wallet system and price checker
  • iZinga Assist Buyers’ Club membership for bulk purchases of goods and materials at reduced prices

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