We welcome interested Donors who want to make a tangible difference through their support of NPOs.

The iZinga Assist platform assists Donors navigate the world of charitable giving with confidence. The platform allows Donors to explore a comprehensive directory of vetted NPOs, aligned with their interests, and to donate directly and securely to their chosen NPO through the iZinga Platform. Further Donors are able to track the impact of their contribution and the difference they are making.

Thanks to the transparency of the iZinga Assist online ecosystem, you can rest assured that all recipients are trustworthy and your contributions are being used to maximum effect.

Non-Profit Organisations

Beyond connecting with Donors, the iZinga Assist platform equips NPOs with a knowledge and information hub. Here NPOs can access a wealth of educational resources, including administrative tools, templates, and training videos, to streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and maximise their impact

iZinga Assist has created an innovative solution that digitises the entire Donor-NPO relationship. 

We act as an intermediary between NPOs and Donors to make the donation process easier for everyone and bolster the support of Southern African NPOs.

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