Godwin Perils


Godwin Perils is a marketing executive, senior manager, board and corporate governance leader, coach and consultant. He works in challenging roles delivering bespoke solutions to reputable companies in the financial services, non-profit, consulting and advertising sectors.

Godwin has worked extensively at Old Mutual since 2003, starting as Head of Group Advertising and rising through the company ranks to National Marketing Manager in 2018. During his tenure at Old Mutual, he was also the Chairman of the Gauteng Provincial Management Board from 2013 to 2016. This role enhanced his understanding of managing sales and NPO operations.

Godwin excels at the interface of business strategy, marketing and management

He also offers specialist experience in the areas of digital advertising, consumer insights, branding, key account management, new business development, retail strategy, revenue growth, product and stakeholder management skills and more. He has chaired and sat on various boards and offers strong insights into corporate governance and board processes.

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