iZinga Assist is an online ecosystem that evaluates and rates NPOs and helps them to flourish by providing educational and administrative tools, templates and training videos through a knowledge and information hub.

The iZinga Assist platform ensures that all donations reach the right people, where they can be used in the most impactful and meaningful ways.

The platform legitimises funding by verifying that the NPO receiving the money is trustworthy. iZinga Assist also tracks all funds closely and collects data for both the Donors and the NPOs they support

By bringing standardised ratings to a sector that’s often poorly regulated, we can increase the donor pool for NPOs and help Donors to make choices they feel good about. Through the iZinga Assist platform, we provide universal rating criteria for NPOs and help them with compliance, assisting them throughout the entire Donor-NPO cycle.

Key benefits of the iZinga Assist online ecosystem:

Ensures a consistent measure of credibility and transparency for NPOs

Offers evaluation throughout the funding cycle

Assists with reporting back to Donors to encourage repeat funding

Tracks money from Donors through every stage of the payment cycle

We aim to make the iZinga Assist platform the go-to digital tool that facilitates trusting, reliable relationships and collaborations between NPOs in Africa and Donors around the globe

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