iZinga Assist is a rating, evaluation, assistance and mentoring platform working with Southern African non-profit organisations and local and international donors.

Our mission is to foster relationships between NPOs and Donors, based on trust and transparency

NPOs are under continuous financial and operational pressure

Securing Donors and funding is an ongoing challenge

Financial uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic

Meanwhile, many willing Donors have been discouraged from giving funds to NPOs in Southern Africa, because of concerns about corruption. There is currently no standardised way to confirm whether an NPO is reliable and legitimate, or how the funds will be used.

Using the latest technology, we’ve created a reliable way to assess the credibility of NPOs and help Donors make their choices with confidence

iZinga Assist provides a platform where NPOs can be rated, and Donors can find credible, ethical and transparent NPOs.

We act as a single body that assists NPOs with compliance, reporting, evaluation and mentoring — providing much-needed support that has been lacking in the non-profit sector until now. By connecting Donors with reputable NPOs, we also help to ensure that funds are being properly directed to those that deserve them most.

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