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Doing Good

Done Better

Building a collaborative ecosystem for positive change

Empowering Non-Profits, Ensuring Impactful Donations

iZinga Assist is a digital verification, compliance and ratings agency setting a new standard in charitable giving and bridging the gap between sub-Saharan non-profit organisations and international Donors through the iZinga Assist Platform.

Key benefits of the iZinga Assist online ecosystem:

Ensures a consistent measure of credibility and transparency for NPOs

Offers evaluation throughout the funding cycle

Assists with reporting back to Donors to encourage repeat funding

Tracks money from Donors through every stage of the payment cycle

iZinga Assist is committed to cultivating a culture of trust and transparency within the NPO sector by offering:

  • tailored support,
  • knowledge,
  • resources,

and driving NPOs towards a new standard of integrity and success.

For Donors, the iZinga Assist Platform offers:

  • a seamless and secure means of donating,
  • detailed information about NPOs registered on the iZinga Assist Platform,
  • ability to track the progress and impact of their donations,

allowing them to donate with the assurance that their monies will be utilised for the intended purposes.

iZinga Assist is a compliance and ratings agency establishing the legitimacy and trustworthiness of NPOs. This is achieved through the facilitation and evaluation of their compliance, reporting, and access to resources and knowledge. 

We connect South and southern African non-profits with the international donor community, enabling informed choices.

Three circles symbolising the links between iZinga Assist, NPO's and the Donor Community

Our Focus

iZinga Assist focuses on closing the divide between Donors and NPOs by cultivating an environment of openness and confidence, providing the resources and knowledge to do so.

The iZinga Assist Platform enables Donors to view the compliance ratings of each iZinga Assist registered NPO, to choose a recipient of their choice in the sector they are aligned with, donate directly through the platform to their selected non-profit organisation and ascertain the impact, with confidence.

Furthermore, the iZinga Assist Platform provides educational and administrative tools, templates, and training videos for NPOs through a knowledge and information hub.

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